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Jiangsu IDEAL Medical Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. is a specialized enterprise integrating developing, producing and marketing Class III implanting materials and artificial organs as well as Class II orthopedics (orthopae dics)surgical instruments. The trade mark of the products is registered as "IDEAL".

The leading products of the company involve: hip joint prostheses, bone cement, titanium mesh, centrum fusion device, spinal internal fixed, interlocking nail, anatomy type bone plate, metal bone plate, metal bone screw, metal femoral neck fixed screw and bending wire series of surgical implanting apparatus and artificial organs.
The implanting appliance is insured by people’s insurance company of China for the product responsibility.
Spinal surgery   Interlocking nail
Plates for upper limb   Plates for lower limb
phalange&metacarpus   Facial plates
Cerebral surgery   Cable series
Bone screws   Cannulated bone
Locking plate   Locking screw
The company continuously pursue the improvement of customer satisfaction, attach great importance to the selection of raw materials, seek quality stable supplier, to test and verity one by one for the purchased items.
The increasing stringency of engineering quality control, continuously provide the level of internal control indicators, we focus ...
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